It’s Not Just THC

Our team at Cannabis Trainers hears almost daily through our various training sessions questions around potency of cannabis and cannabis-infused products. In fact, we have a whole section dedicated to helping our budtenders, dispensary agents, and any other front-facing cannabis … Read More

What Are Acidic Cannabinoids?

We’re constantly researching the cannabis world here at Cannabis Trainers. Bringing in scientific discoveries, regulations, and cultural evolution of cannabis is a cornerstone to keeping our training interesting and relevant. Want to learn more? Check out Dr. Sulak’s website: … Read More

Terpenes – A Guide

Terpenes are naturally occurring essential oils found in plants that give the flavor and smell attributes. Terpenes are found in conifer trees, citrus fruits, lavender, sage, thyme, and of course cannabis. Scientists are aware of 50,000 unique terpenes found in … Read More

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