Thriving in the holidays!

Are you hoping to SURVIVE the holiday season?    What if instead… you could THRIVE! We know that this time of year can be a blend of fun, wild, exciting and stressful.   Your patients,  co-workers, boss, neighbor and zany … Read More

Walking the path of compliancy

                                                                FOLLOWING COMPLIANCY DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A STEEP CLIMB, BUT BE PREPARED AND WEAR YOUR … Read More

Cannabis Trainers’ Responsible Vendor Program Receives Colorado Approval

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NEWS RELEASE  MEDIA CONTACT:Susannah Grossman, Verdant Cannabis Trainers Named Colorado’s First Responsible Vendor Program Provider Sell-SMaRT™ Represents New Marijuana Enforcement Division Standards for Cannabis Vendor Training DENVER, CO (August 20, 2015) – Cannabis Trainers, a Denver-based … Read More

Keep It Professional~ 5 Key Food Safety Musts!

Food Safety insights with Maureen McNamara, Founder of Cannabis Trainers. Cannabis Trainers provides ServSafe® food safety training for edible makers and Sell-SMaRT™ the responsible cannabis vendor program for sellers. ( There are many (sooooo many) aspects to the cannabis industry … Read More

Congrats You Have 100% Success Rate!

Everyone experiences obstacles, setbacks and the proverbial scraped knee, as well as victories, progress and achievements. The consistent factor throughout all of this is that YOU have made it through absolutely everything you have faced. I invite you to acknowledge … Read More

5 Tips to Rock as a Trainer

Keep it Interactive You will likely have people in your classes that know some or a lot on the subject at hand. Honor the experts by inviting contribution from the group. Interactivity keeps it fresh and lively. Be Brilliant In … Read More

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