10 Years of Cultivating Compliance: Cannabis Trainers Celebrates a Decade of Growth

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 years since Cannabis Trainers first opened its doors. Back in 2014, the licensed adult use cannabis industry was just beginning to take root in the United States, and there was a pressing need for qualified professionals who could help businesses navigate the complex and ever-changing regulatory landscape. […]

5 Keys to Diffusing Conflict in the Heat of the Moment

Even though cannabis dispensary patrons tend to be mellower than your average retail customer, conflicts can and do still arise. Here are five steps you can take to defuse in-the-moment conflicts:   Stay Composed: Pause before you do anything. Stay calm, take a deep breath and acknowledge that you are hearing the person, even if […]

Love Letter to Your Budtender: Why Professional Development is the Ultimate Expression

Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day is often associated with chocolates, roses, and mushy declarations of love. But in the world of cannabis education, we embrace a different kind of passion – a burning desire for knowledge, growth, and professional mastery. So, this February 14th, instead of showering your employees with heart shaped boxes of chocolate, […]